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The DEN provides the RDH temporary or permanent job opportunities.

You are AMAZING!

Dental Hygienists that are selected to work for The DEN are top tier professionals. Our training program is designed to educate each Dental Hygienist to utilize their strengths. We want our Hygienists to have a long healthy career. The DEN invests the time to educate the professional on their personal strengths, empowers them professionally which spills over to personal growth. 





Your Personal Strengths

Understanding what you can offer as a professional is imperative to a successful and happy career in dentistry.

Professional Empowerment

You already have the tools to be a great clinician. The DEN gives you the skills to level up your education with your patients and your work environment.

Personal Growth

Understanding your professional needs will overflow into your personal life. Giving you the tools to change and enhance the quality of your life.

Custom Insights for each DEN RDH 

Why does The DEN include this service for their RDH team members when they are hired? Each work assignment comes with its own unique challenges.  The DEN teaches each hygienist how to use their unique talents them with custom tools to help them handle challenges successfully and focus on capitalizing on their unique strengths during their work day.


The DEN provides:

Join The DEN Team

Take a leap! Your adventure awaits you here in Colorado.

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