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Dentist Office

DEN Smart Hire
Recruitment Services

The DEN provides customized recruitment services for Dental Practices in the State of Colorado.

National Marketing

Looking for top talent? Our comprehensive recruiting process combines national job boards, social media, and our personal email database to quickly connect you with the best professionals available.

Additionally, our customized target marketing approach will guarantee that your position is effectively publicized and reaches the right audience.

Behavioral Assessments

DEN Smiles offers top-of-the-line staffing services tailored to meet your individual business needs. Our experienced professionals are equipped to provide optional behavioral assessments to ensure the best possible fit for your team.

Contract Negotiation

We work closely with our clients to get a deep understanding of what they are looking for, and our experienced team of negotiators are able to get the best contract terms. We believe in creating win-win situations for both the business and the employee. 

Position Matching

At DEN Smiles, we understand the importance of properly benchmarking the position you are trying to fill. To ensure the best possible match for your company, we'll go through the specific details of the position with you. 

Easy Hiring Pipeline

We handle the entire staffing process, from filtering the candidates to scheduling interviews, making travel arrangements for your possible new hire if needed, and scheduling their working interview. 

Smart Hire
Recruitment Services 

Ready to have a partner in your hiring search? Fill out the form to get started with the DEN Smiles Recruitment Services. 

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