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How much does a Travel RDH make?

We have adopted 3 pay models. The income that you receive can be customized to fit what is best for your lifestyle. No two travel RDH's have the same needs. Many factors can affect your paycheck. Ultimately, the amount of money that goes into your pocket depends on your personal needs. 

This is where your Scheduling Coach will customize a compensation package that makes sense for your life. The DEN offers 3 pay options for the Dental Hygienist to select from.


Travel RDH Compensation Package

Travel RDH's that are commuting more than 90 mins from their tax home to a job assignment qualify for this pay model package.

Hourly Wage

Taxed Income

Housing Stipend

Tax-Free Income

Travel Stipend

Tax-Free Income

Local RDH Compensation Package

If you live in Colorado you can still work with the DEN. You decide how far you would like to travel from home. 

Hourly Wage

You are a DEN employee

Set Your Availability

We work with your needs

Join the DEN Smiles team

Take a leap! Your adventure awaits you here in Colorado.

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