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We are here to help! Ready to start the adventure but not sure where to begin? No problem. We have got you covered.

Required Documents

RDH Degree

You will need a degree as a Registered Dental Hygienist with a minimum of an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene.


State License

You will need to apply and receive a Colorado Dental Hygiene License to accept jobs with Dental Explorer Network. 



Local Anesthesia Permit, Completed Laser Therapy Course, ITR Permit, Silver Diamine Fluoride Course and NItrous Oxide Course.

Dental Equipment

Additional Documentation 

Above are the common documents that are needed to begin the process of becoming a travel dental hygienist. As you go further into the hiring process your Scheduling Coach will guide you through all necessary paperwork to get you working.

Your Colorado Dental Resources

  • What Insights does The DEN use?
    We partner with TTI Insights to provide DISC, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence Insight assessments.
  • Are the DEN dental hygienists 1099 employees?
    The DEN team consists of DEN employed Registered Dental Hygienists.
  • Where does The DEN recruit their Dental Hygienist?
    The DEN is actively recruiting in Colorado and the Western parts of the United States.
  • Colorado Dental Hygienists' Association
    In the State of Colorado the CODHA is very active in our State. They are an amazing resource for all things HYGIENE in Colorado. Click here
  • What do I need to get a RDH License in Colorado?
    Here is a link to the CODHA licensing information page Click here
  • What licensing body is used in Colorado?
    The Colorado Dental Board is the licensing body that issues license for the State of Colorado. Click here
  • What is the Scope of Practice for a Colorado RDH?
    Here is a link to an info sheet by CODHA that lists the Scope of Practice for Colorado. Click here
  • Can a local Colorado RDH work for the DEN smiles?
    Absolutely! You may choose to work near your home but the option to travel is always available for you.

Ready to apply for your Colorado RDH license?


Your Checklist

Here is a checklist to help you get ready to apply for your Colorado RDH License


Start Application Process

Here is the link to start the application process for your Colorado RDH License

Join the DEN SMILES team


Take a leap! Your adventure awaits you here in Colorado.


What does The DEN offer?

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